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Transform Self and World in Portland, Oregon

Practicing Buddhism enables us to open to new and creative experiences and break old patterns that keep us trapped. The Portland Buddhist Center was created to encourage and support Buddhist practice in our current time and culture through opportunities to meditate, study, and develop friendships. If you would like to learn more about our activities please contact us.


Buddhist meditation emphasizes the development of awareness and positive emotion. This enables us to escape the cycle of reactive states of mind and engage in a creative way with the world around us.

At Portland Buddhist Center we begin with two core meditation techniques: mindfulness of breathing, and metta bhavana. In the Pali language Metta means "love" (in a non-romantic sense), friendliness, or kindness. Hence, "loving-kindness" for short. Metta is a powerful positive emotion, something you feel in your heart. Bhavana means "development" or "cultivation."

These two practices work together to create the positivity necessary to be aware of suffering and embrace the good.

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The basic message of Buddhism is simple:

1) We can't depend on anything to be permanent

2) Our actions have consequences

3) We can change for the better

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