Meditation Workshop on Loving Kindness

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July 12, 2014 10am-4pm at Naga Center Thai Massage School 4423 NE Tillamook St, Portland Oregon 97213

to register please use the contact us link on our website

Meditation is a practice by which we learn to understand ourselves and the world more clearly and kindly.  It creates the space in our mind to truly choose how we respond creatively to all that life throws at us.  In that space we begin to transform our experience, break out of habits, and truly connect authentically with others.  The workshop will be led by Shantinayaka who draws on decades of meditation and teaching experience in this workshop for beginners and experienced practitioners

“I think it’s quite important to think of meditation not only in terms of becoming more and more concentrated but in terms of becoming more positive, more creative, more outward-going, more reflective, more contented, more happy to be on one’s own, more full of energy, more playful. Meditation is equally all those things.” -Sangharakshita

Meditation Shrine Room

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